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Posted ON : November 14, 2017

SWEETWATER, Texas (Aug. 4, 2017) – The new school year is just a couple of weeks away and can present new challenges for your children. To help parents better prepare their children for a successful academic year, on August 9, Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH) is hosting a free Lunch and Learn Seminar on back-to-school health and wellness.

Presented by Dr. Jordanna Franklin, a pediatrician at the RPMH Rural Health Clinic in Sweetwater, the upcoming seminar will cover many tips on how the health of children can impact their academic performance.

“From eyesight to sleep patterns, eating habits to vaccinations, there are many ways parents and guardians can help their children prepare for the upcoming school year,” Dr. Franklin explains. “By focusing on a few simple, but important, areas of your child’s health, you can also help shape a strong foundation for your child’s wellness as they continue to grow.”

Easing your child back to a school-like schedule before classes start is one of the many ways you can help prepare them. This transition not only helps adjust their sleep patterns; but, can help your entire family reduce anxiety based on schedules and timelines.

Dr. Franklin explains that the school schedules can affect more than just children. Parents should also take into consideration the impact a school year can have on their own lives.

“While health and wellness is a topic that should be on everyone’s minds year-round, the start of a new school year makes it even more timely to take preventive measures to ensure everyone is in the best health possible,” Dr. Franklin adds. “Your health is important – and that’s what we’re ultimately trying to convey.”

The Lunch and Learn seminar on back-to-school health tips will take place on Aug. 9, at the RPMH Emergency Department classroom from noon until 1 p.m. A brown-bag lunch will be served during the presentation.

The program is free to attend, but space is limited and expected to reach capacity. Interested individuals are asked to RSVP by calling 325-219-6090.