Trauma Center & Emergency Room (ER)

Our Level IV Trauma Center is here to serve the Sweetwater community.

Our Level IV Trauma Center provides compassionate emergency care in a state-of-the-art facility right here in Sweetwater, TX

The Emergency Department at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital is designed to provide patient-friendly services in an eight-bed treatment center, staffed with a specially trained medical team.

First Class Emergency Room Care

The emergency room doctors you will receive care from at Rolling Plains are part of the same team that provide care for the primary hospital in Abilene. That means, there is no need to waste time driving all the way to Abilene, when you can get the same standard of care from the same health care professionals, right here, in your community.

We are also proud to be able to provide a “less stress” check in service. When there are rooms available, you will be taken directly to a room and checked in there.

If you can, please have with you:

• List of current medications  

• ID

• Insurance

Transport Team

If for some reason it is determined that a case needs specialized care, the Rolling Plains Emergency Room has a transportation team on duty. The role of this team is to remain on call to provide rapid emergency transport for any patient that needs an ambulance. Our team has the ability and record of accomplishment of getting patients where they need to be as quickly as possible.

Our mission is to provide the community of Sweetwater and Nolan County with an Emergency Room that provides the same level of care that other communities have.  

COVID-19 Notes:

Please do not come to the ER for Covid-19 tests. Our Covid-19 page will provide all the details you need.

In an effort to keep all our patients and staff healthy, each ER patient is allowed 2 visitors at a time and they may trade out.

Our Team

Hydie Stewart, MSN, RN

Director of Emergency
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