Our goal is to make each step in the surgery process as smooth and painless as possible.

Surgery can be one of the more stressful reasons to spend time in a hospital, for patients and their loved ones alike. That is why Rolling Plains has invested heavily in the people, facilities, and programs that the surgical department offers. Our goal is to make each step in the surgery process as smooth and painless as possible.

Surgical Staff You Know

Our board-certified staff are not only at the top of their field, but they are also doctors you see every day in the community, at the grocery store and at the football game on Friday night or at church. Our doctors are local and are passionate about servicing the other members of their community. As an example, Rolling Plains staff CRNAs were born and raised right here in Sweetwater.  

Having surgery can be an anxious time, seeing a friendly local face is just one way our team tries to make our patients more comfortable.

High Level Facilities

Newly Updated Operating Suites: The Surgery Department is proud to be able to provide Nolan County and surrounding counties with the highest level of care through our updated operating suites.

Instruments Sanitized on Site: Having the ability and equipment to thoroughly sanitize surgical instruments and equipment on site is a big plus. Some smaller surgery centers send their off-site. But because we can sanitize on site you can have a true feeling of comfort knowing that maintaining a sterile environment is under our watchful eye.  

Surgical Support Services

Post Anesthetic Care Unit: Coming out of anesthesia can be disorienting and strange. That is why we have a unit that is there to help patients until they feel like themselves again. We are on your schedule and complete care sometimes takes time.  

Vascular Access Team: This team of nurses specializes in using ultrasound to insert IV and PIC lines for unusual cases. Our team members work together all the time, so the use of specialized imaging equipment becomes second nature, and each person understands their role and works for the wellbeing of the patient.  

For outpatients, some patients require IV over the long term but no longer need to be in the hospital full time. Rolling Plains provides them with the treatment they need in an outpatient setting.

Cancer Screening Program: One of the most important parts of treating cancer is catching it as early as possible. RPMH offers several cancer screenings depending on age, pre-existing conditions, and family history.

Colonoscopy, Sports Injuries, Total Joint Replacements, Carpal Tunnel, and So Many Others

A full complement of general and specialty surgical procedures is available at RPMH including:

• General Surgery

o Hernia

o Appendectomy

o Cholecystectomy

o Breast Biopsy

o Mastectomy

o Colon Resection - Colonoscopy

o Hemorrhoidectomy

o Skin Grafts

• Gynecology and Obstetrics

o A&P Repairs

o Tubal Ligation

o Dilatation and Curettage

o Cesarean Section

o Hysterectomy

• Laparoscopy

o Cholecystectomy

o Appendectomy

o Hernia Repair

o Tubal Ligation

• Orthopedic Surgery

o Trauma to the bones

o Osteoporosis

o Knee arthroscopy

o Fracture care

o Sports injuries

o Degenerative disease

o Carpal tunnel

o Shoulder surgery

o Total knee replacement

o Total hip replacement

• Other Surgical Procedures


o Ophthalmology

o Cataract Surgery

Our Team

Stephanie Smith, BSN, RN

Director of Surgery
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