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Employee of the Month

Jade Adkins is the recipient of the August Employee of the Month

Jade Adkins

Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Jade Adkins, August Employee of the Month. Jade was nominated by four of her co-workers who state that she has consistently shown remarkable dedication, professionalism, and compassion and that these qualities make her an invaluable member of the Radiology team. She has a work history of being a Regis Hair Stylist from January 2010 – April 2017. She joined the RPMH team in August 2022. Jade receives compliments from patients regularly. It was reported that “her warm smile and friendly demeanor instantly put me at ease.” Another stated that “Her attention to detail in verifying my information has given me confidence that my records are in good hands.” Jade shows ownership and a deep dedication to her work and our hospital. Todd Smith, Director of Radiology stated, “Jade’s positive attitude and professionalism set a great example for all of us. Her commitment to patient satisfaction is truly commendable.” Jade’s work performance has surpassed all expectations. Her constant efforts to do her best mean a lot to RPMH and especially the Radiology department. Thank you for all you do Jade and keep up the good work!

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