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Employee of the Month

The March Employee of the Month Winner is Becky Bohall from Labor and Delivery

Becky is a pillar of our unit. She is a core component of our consistency and success. She's the epitome of loyalty, and compassion, as well as an example of an exemplary work ethic. Her unwavering dedication to RPMH for over 30 years is something to be not only recognized but praised. She is constantly doing things for others selflessly, humbly, and without expectation of recognition; both inside and outside of the hospital. unbeknownst to many until recently, while enduring what was probably the worst period of her life, as her husband was hospitalized and fighting for his life, she came over to the unit to do her "Becky things", because she was already here and could keep those things caught up while she was supposed to be on FMLA. She also chose to return to work only a week after the devastating loss of her husband, and picked up right where she left off without missing a beat. That level of dedication, while not expected by any grieving employee, doesn't come often, and shouldn't go unnoticed. Becky does what she does because she is genuine, and sincerely always considers this hospital, her coworkers, and most importantly the patients she cares for that live in this community daily. During these last four months, as she persevered and pressed on through so many trials, the strength, grace, and resilience that Becky displayed was immeasurable. She never broke, never quit, and her patients never knew the immense number of emotions she most certainly fought back during some of the worst days of her life, while continuing to provide professional, exceptional, and compassionate care to each one of them during the best days of their lives. Unwavering, Loyal, Compassionate, Steward, Teacher, Friend, Mentor, and Dependable, are only a few of the words used to describe her, there are so many that were left off. Words will never do her justice, but maybe a collection of words to describe her is a start

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