January 25, 2024

Mindy Ballard is the DAISY Foundation Award Winner for the First Quarter

The winner of the first quarter DAISY Foundation Award is Charge Nurse, Mindy Ballard.

Congratulations to Mindy Ballard for winning the DAISY Foundation Award with this nomination:

"I entered Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital through the emergency room, with severe abdominal pain and nausea. After several tests, I was transferred to a patient room. More tests were run, and the conclusion was an intestinal obstruction. Surgery was performed to successfully remove a non-cancerous blockage. I was in a patient room for eight days and ICU for two days. Naturally, my wife and I had some anxiety until the results of the surgery were known. During the pre-surgery days, Mindy Ballard, RN, visited my room frequently to check on my comfort and share with my wife. She made sure we were informed of what to anticipate with tests that were scheduled and of the surgery recovery procedures. Nurse Ballard was always positive, kind, and upbeat which made my wife and I feel more at ease with what I was facing. After leaving the ICU, I was fortunate to be assigned a room in which Nurse Ballard was responsible. She always brought a cheerful glow when she visited me and encouraged me to follow my post-op instructions. She made sure that I was informed of the medications I was receiving. She emphasized that if I needed anything at all, medication for pain, something to eat or drink, all I had to do was ask. I am grateful for Nurse Ballard's care and for the confidence, she gave me in my recovery. I feel lucky to have had her as my nurse."

Keri Halford, CNO - Mindy Ballard, RN - Shannon Powell, Med/Surg Director