January 26, 2024

Training, Interviews, Tours and Community Support: It was a Busy Week at RPMH

The week of January 22nd had a little bit of everything for the Rolling Plains Family.


Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital held the first of two FEMA-certified disaster training classes. These classes were recommended by the DNV survey team during their annual survey last year. RPMH Trauma Coordinator, Deni Davis led the class held for all leadership in the hospital and clinics.


Dr. Jennifer Liedtke had the idea of bringing the Texas Tech University Health Services Residency Program to Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH), which was a resounding success for the community. The current residents at RPMH are Dr. Neethu Benny, MD, and Dr. Tashi Bascon, MD. Each year, residents rotate into the program for their second and third years of residency, beginning in July. Recently, representatives from the residency program visited RPMH to conduct interviews and tour the facility.


Fifteen sophomore students from Sweetwater High School, part of the Chamber's 2024 class of Future Sweetwater, embarked on a tour of the Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH) campus, accompanied by Karen Hunt (Chamber Executive Director), Pam Lawrence (SISD District Librarian), and TJ Wilson (RPMH Marketing Director). Enthusiastic and inquisitive, the group engaged enthusiastically throughout the day. A highlight of the tour was a visit to the Cardiopulmonary Department, where Director Mike Procopio left a lasting impression by showcasing the stark contrast between healthy and diseased lungs. Students witnessed the functioning of healthy lungs, the impact of illness on their performance, and the effects of air depletion. The opportunity to touch swine lungs provided a tangible experience, allowing them to sense the texture of living organs.


Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital held the first of two FEMA-certified disaster training classes led by Deni Davis.

Argos Brewhouse and Bookseller played host to the splendid event "Coffee with the Superintendent." This gathering welcomed members of the Nolan County Hospital District Board of Directors, the Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital Foundation Board of Directors, and the dedicated staff of RPMH. The invitation was extended by the Sweetwater Independent School District and its Superintendent, Dr. Deidre Parish, who has been instrumental in making this event a resounding success since her appointment. The community embraced the opportunity to connect with the SISD leader, and the RPMH family joined in with equal enthusiasm. The venue provided an inviting ambiance, fostering lively conversations and fruitful exchanges of ideas. The events served as a tangible representation of the strong bonds that unite the community and its leaders in pursuit of shared goals.